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Our history

2008 – Founding year of REM SAS which works in seeds production and sale in the European market.

2010 – In order to satisfy the more and more increasing requests of a part of our customers we found REM PACK, a company which works in the sector of production and sale of packaging for the hortifloralnursery.

2011 – Thanks to its quick commercial growth REM SAS becomes REM SRL and absorbs EUROSEED SRL, Italian company which works in the European market for seed production and sale since 1939.

2013 – REM SRL continues to grow and conquers new markets, coming to export its seeds in over 40 States all over the world. In order to suitably answer to this quick commercial growth, the warehouse is increased up to 2.000 m². In addition, a new selection line is purchased in order to satisfy the more and more increasing volumes of handled seeds.

2014 – REM SRL with the cooperation of a local company with which REM has a commercial relationship, opens a centre of production, packaging and shipment, exclusively designated for coriander in Macerata area. The structure guarantees a production capacity of 20 tonnes every day.

2015 – REM SRL continues to expand: it creates a new logistic warehouse of 2.500 m² and a new executive centre of 400 m². The company is reorganised in order to keep the dynamism and the service to the customers who have always been our prerogative and are essential for our success.
Nowadays REM SRL counts on:

  • 1.000 m² of warehouse in Cesena, designed to gather and clean the seeds produced by our farmers;
  • 2.500 m² of warehouse in Gambettola, designed for logistic service;
  • 400 m² of executive centre in Gambettola;
  • 500 m² of centre of production and packaging of coriander seed in the district of Macerata.

In the last few years REM SRL invest substantial resources in sprouting seed production and sale, especially organic, becoming one of the reference points in the seed market.

2015 – REM SRL, with the aim of becoming every day a point of reference in the seed sector in order to improve the service to its customers in the so exigent market of sprouting seeds, founds REM SPROUT SRL, the first and only European seed company which works exclusively for sprouting seeds production and sale. This year REM SPROUT handles more than 500 tonnes of sprouting seeds: 400 tonnes of organic seeds and 100 tonnes of conventional seeds.