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Our vision of company is based on determined quality goals and sound values, commercial and productive.

We like to think that our big development of the latest years, with an increasing of the customers and respective requests, is a proof of how we work. Becoming a point of reference for our customers is our aim for the future.

Our first step to approach this aim has been creating the reality of REM SPROUT, hoping that this step can bring us to our objective. We follow our dream with courage, diligence and passion.

The hope of becoming a point of reference for our customers is more than an aim.
At the base of our desire there is a bond of confidence between customer and supplier. For this reason our team is always updated and prompt in the requests, only in this way we can daily approach our aim.

In 2015 REM SPROUT SRL took a long road to certification UNI EN ISO 9001.2015. The goal of this certification is to control and guarantee all the aspects of our company reality, from the production to the sale of sprouting seeds.

This way of working allows us to minimize the margin of error in order to offer a better service to our customers.