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One of the strengths of REM SPROUT is the quality of our seed, in order to be always sure to guarantee at the best to our customers our seed is subjected to all the certificates requested.

Certifications REM SPROUT srl:

  • About organic seed, REM SPROUT SRL is controlled and certified by the authority of organic control CCPB SRL of Bologna.
  • All sprouting seeds, both conventional and organic, are subjected to a germination test in our inner laboratory in order to control that the selected lot grows according to selling European requests (our seed is sold in the market only if the result of the test passes the percentage of 85%).
  • As it is sprouting seed, it is subjected to analyses determining food use, that is virus free. The selected lot is tested by the external laboratory STUDIO ALFA of Reggio Emilia to be sure it is virus free and only after receiving the certificate of qualify we prepare the order.
  • The laboratory STUDIO ALFA of Reggio Emilia is in charge also for microbiological analyses on sprouting seed samples for food use proceeding from organic  agriculture in order to verify the absence of weeds organisms in the tested lot.
  • REM SPROUT SRL in the last 2015 quarter has taken a long road to certification UNI EN ISO 9001.2015 to guarantee and assure the maximum quality, always, to its customers.